Swan Lake collection.. By De Beers…

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Stunning design..  Dream worthy piece by De Beers…

The colour, the gemstones, the shapes, and the elegant design make this necklace very alluring.

I love it. I want it. I could possibly convince myself that I need it. Although there is one thing stopping me from buying it.

The Price.

There is no mention of the price on their online eboutique. So, I assume it’s because they are alluring me back to their store to find out… well… it’s working… Many years ago I visited their De Beers store in Hong Kong and it was the most amazing retail experience.

The Swan Lake collection by De Beers is inspired by the grace of a prima ballerina. The website describes the collection as follows:

‘It is said that a ballerina will only reach her prime if she dances the part of Odette and Odile, the shapes of the prima’s perfect moving form and the balance of the dancing formation of the corps of swans is core to the harmony of the necklace. Each rare and stunning diamond is positioned to bring out its character and life, its unique brilliance living up to its shape and size.’

Here are a few more pictures of pieces from the collection that we can all dream of owning. One day…

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Secrets collection.. By Harry Winston…

Secret Collection by Harry Winston

We can only dream.. Perfect escapism by Harry Winston…

Harry Winston recently debuted their new collection called Secrets. It’s a 29 piece collection that includes earrings, bracelets and necklaces in three different designs – Secret Cluster, Secret Wonder and Secret Combination. Throughout the motifs there are surprises that would have the most discerning Harry Winston customer in awe.  We can only dream of owning a piece let alone the the full collection.  Imagine, getting ready for a black tie party or a ball and in your jewellery cabinet was your choice of the Secrets collection by Harry Winston.

Here are a few pictures that you can drool over…

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Holiday and Travel Shopping.. Tips and Tricks…

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Duty Free.. Tax Free Delights…

When you go shopping overseas you need a game plan. There is so much more going on in your mind when you shop abroad than when you are at home. At home, you have more patience, more time and an understanding that you can always go home and sleep on your decision. But when you’re at your holiday destination for only maybe two weeks and you’re trying to squeeze in as much as possible, some decisions can be rushed.

Some good tips include setting a budget before you go out shopping and making a list of what you want to buy before you go. After all, there is no more vulnerable time to be shopping then when you have a heap of foreign currency and no idea what to spend it on.

But apart from the currency and the conversion rates, there is not a…

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De Grisogono 2014.. Contemporary Baroque Creations…

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Green with envy?.. De Grisogono 2014…

Established in 1993. de Grisogono have had incredible success considering their relatively short time involved in the world of jewellery. Fawaz Gruosi released a black diamond collection in 1996 that catapulted his jewellery line into a world wide phenomenon. While it might take centuries of evolution for a diamond to form, the rise of the de Grisogono label appeared to be an over night hit.

There are some fashion labels that rely on the image of their designer just as much as they rely on the image of their pieces. The strength of de Grisogono is that the character of Gruosi seeps through all of his designs. His watches are extravagant, but playful and his jewellery, like the necklace featured above, are charismatic and classy. Designers that stay true to themselves can sometimes find it tough to fit into a fashion scene driven by trends, but de Grisogono is certainly one of the more prominent success stories.

We’ve written about fine jewellery quite regularly on http://www.theblingsociety.com blog and we believe that these pieces from de Grisogono are some of the best we’ve laid eyes upon.

The de Grisogono website: http://www.degrisogono.com/en/

Sean Hyatt

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Dior Fine Jewellery 2014.. Extravagance on an entirely different level…

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Cher Fine Jewellery.. Dior 2014…

I’m envious of the jewellery designers who are employed at big name companies such as Chanel and Dior, who get to design with seemingly limitless budgets. Previously on this blog we’ve shown some of the work of Chanel, and now we are featuring some of Dior’s fine Jewellery.

When it comes to these pieces, it seems that all levels of practicality have just been thrown out the door. There isn’t one diamond, there’s a billion, and they aren’t just one shade, but an entire spectrum of colour and flamboyance. How are you supposed to walk around in the real world with a million carats hanging from your ears? It’d be lighter just to use real carrots!

But it’s the flamboyance that we love. This design is so multi faceted that I first had to double check to make sure these designs aren’t just plastic imitations. The accuracy that would go into the crafting of these items is simply mind boggling.

Grab some herbal tea, a biscuit or two, and just flick through these pictures of pure grandeur.

Dior Fine Jewellery: http://www.dior.com/couture/en_gb/jewellery/fine-jewellery/cher-dior#!the-pieces

Sean Hyatt

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Chanel High Jewellery.. 80 Years of Chanel…

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Comete.. Chanel 2013…

Chanel Fine Jewellery is one of the closest things fashion has to art. A great piece of art isn’t just something that looks good to the eye, it has to be thought provoking, emotive and the execution of the initial designs need to be perfectly accurate. Even though I haven’t seen the original designs, I feel I can draw the conclusion that these pieces from Chanel have been crafted with great precision.

The detail and creativity in these pieces are something to be celebrated. I’d strongly advise you take your own time to filter through all of the photos from this collection. The layout on the Chanel website allows the jewellery to shine and adds to the grandeur of the Chanel label. I found some of the Gabrielle Chanel quotes to be a little tacky, but after the worldwide success Chanel has enjoyed, I suppose they are allowed to toot their own horn a little.

The different sections that make up the 80th Anniversary Chanel High Jewellery collection are titled: Comete, Soleil, Ruban, Franges and Constellation du Lion. Furthermore, each section then contains its own pieces inside, so there is plenty for you to look at. My Favourite would be the Comete.

Check them all out here: http://www.chanel.com/en_US/Jewelry/high_jewelry

Sean Hyatt

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The Top 10 Largest Diamonds.. Is bigger always better?…

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The Red Cross Diamond.. Price Unknown…

What are the biggest diamonds in the world and what are the stories behind them? Our feature piece this week will answer those questions for you! This editorial will feature some of the most sought after pieces of jewellery that have ever existed!

10. The Red Cross Diamond (205.07 Carats)

Found at the turn of the 20th century, the Red Cross Diamond was discovered in South Africa, weighing 375 Carats. Over 170 carats have been shaved away to craft the jewel into its current design. Unlike many of the items in this list, the current pricing and whereabouts of this jewel are not known.

9. The Jubilee Diamond (245.3 Carats)

Also found in the mines of South Africa, the Jubilee Diamond was given its current name following the 60th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s coronation in 1897. Owned for a large period by Dorabji Tata, an influential Indian businessman working in and around British India, the Jubilee Diamond was shaved down from 650 Carats. The diamond was sold in 1932, and its whereabouts is also unknown.

8. Centenary Diamond (273.85 Carats)

Compared to most of the other diamonds in this list, the Centenary Diamond was not found until very recently. Discovered in 1986, and released in 1991 to the public, this diamond is the biggest of its kind. Many months were spent discussing how to shape the diamond, with nearly 5 months alone spent removing some of its rough surface. With an estimated value of $90 million, this diamond, originally 600 carats, is one of the most expensive in the world.

7. Great Mogul Diamond (280 Carats)

Certainly one of the older diamonds in this collection, discovered in 1650, the Great Mogul Diamond was the largest diamond of its time. This diamond was initially gifted by one Indian family to another as a sign of peace, but was believed lost when Persians invaded and pillaged India. There are rumours that the diamond was reshaped into the Orlov Diamond, but either way, the mystery behind this diamond demands further research!

6. Spirit of de Grisogono Diamond (312 Carats)

This rare black diamond is the largest of its kind to come from the Central African Republic. This diamond has been set onto a ring with 702 White Diamonds surrounding it. There isn’t a lot known about the de Grisogono diamond, apart from who its original owner was. De Grisogono is now a jewellery line coming out of Switzerland, and has some really interesting pieces for you to look at.

5. Cullinan II (317.4 Carats)

For the first time in our list we have a diamond that appears as part of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. There are 9 Cullinan diamonds altogether, and two will feature on this list. They all share the same name because they originally came from the same gem stone, which is the largest ‘gem-quality’ diamond ever found (3100 Carats approx.). Cullinan II is set in the Imperial State Crown, and can also be used as a brooch to accompany Cullinan I. Featured above is Cullinan II sitting on the Imperial State Crown, worn by Queen Elizabeth II.

4. Nizam Diamond (340 Carats)

The next diamond on our list has has been lost to the analects of history. The Nizam diamond rose to fame during the 1800s and shares its name with the Nizam line of rulers from Hyderabad. The family tree of the Nizam family is quite extraordinary considering how accurately it has been documented. The Nizam diamond is the biggest diamond to come from India and is undoubtedly hiding in the world somewhere.

3. Incomparable Diamond (407.48 Carats)

Is there such a thing as a diamond in the rough? Definitely. In 1984, a young girl was scrounging around through a pile of rubble discarded by the MIBA Diamond Mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo because the pile was considered by the mining company to be too bulky to contain any diamonds. Discovering this diamond set in motion one of the more remarkable diamond stories in the world.   This internally flawless diamond was attached to a necklace with 62 other diamonds and sold in early 2013 for $55 million dollars. Despite the quality of this diamond, it is not at a parallel level as the next two diamonds (or even some that have already gone before.) There is a link below showing the Incomparable Diamond in its current state.

2. Cullinan I (530.4 Carats)

Cullinan II’s big brother, Cullinan I is one of the show piece items in the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. The Cullinan collection in its entirety has an estimated value of $2 billion dollars. It may be hard to process, but this means that the Queen gets to wear diamonds that are not only more expensive than the average person’s house, but probably worth more than the average person’s suburb. And that’s just her diamond collection! Cullinan I appears on the sceptre of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom, but can also be detached to be worn in other ways. This pear shaped diamond. also known as the great star of Africa, is an extravagant piece, as are all of these diamonds, but the beauty of the sceptre in its entirety is hard to comprehend.

1. Golden Jubilee Diamond (545.67 Carats)

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 12.12.02 PM

The Golden Jubilee Diamond. The largest diamond in the world..

Number 1, discovered in 1985, the Golden Jubilee Diamond was from a smaller stone than the original Cullinan collection, but was nonetheless cut to the current size (the largest size) that it is today. But to show you that bigger isn’t always better, the Golden Jubilee Diamond only has an estimated market value of $4 -$12 million dollars. The Golden Jubilee is owned by King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand. Known as Rama IX, he is the longest serving monarch and head of state in the world, so far outlasting Queen Elizabeth of England. Despite this ring not amounting to a terribly high price, the total value of Adulyadej’s fortune is estimated to be $30 billion dollars. Bhumibol’s history itself is quite interesting as he is also quite an accomplished jazz musician.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through our 10-to-1 countdown of the 10 largest diamonds in the world.

The Incomparable Diamond: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQKr7HPB45A

Sean Hyatt

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